Who is Publisher and what are the roles of the publisher?

A publisher is a person who plays two different roles at GUESTPOSTENGINE A publisher can add their own website as well as third-party websites.


Let's have a look at the roles of a publisher in GUESTPOSTENGINE


Publisher Dashboard: A publisher can see the total number of orders that have been received, how many blog posts have gone live, and how much a publisher has earned.


Add Website:  You can add your websites step by step with the instructions which will be shown to you.


My Websites: Under this section, you can see all the details of websites that you have added like the price of the website, DA of website, type of backlink, etc.


My Orders: You will see on which date the website has been ordered, on which date the content will be published, the name of the customer, the customer's website URL, etc.


My Profile: You can add your personal details with your First and Last name, phone number.


In My profile section, you can add your account details with your email ID and your password by clicking on the Account button. And if you want to change the password, then click on the Change Password option.


I hope that the information provided above will help you in the best interest.