Who is Advertiser and what are the roles of advertiser?

In GUESTPOSTENGINE, an advertiser is a person who can purchase the websites according to their niche.


Let's have a look at the roles of an advertiser in GUESTPOSTENGINE


Advertiser Dashboard: In this section, an advertiser can see the total number of purchased orders, number of live blog posts, and total cost earned by the publisher.


My Profile: You can add your details with your First and Last name, including phone number.


In this section, you can add your account details with your email ID and password by hitting the Account button. Also, if you want to change the password, then click on the Change Password button.


Purchases: Under this section, you can see the purchase date of the website with its publisher's name, the status of the website, the total amount of website, etc.


Hopefully, the above points will help you to perform the advertiser's role efficiently in FLY.BIZ.