What are the criteria to add a website in GUESTPOSTENGINE?

GUESTPOSTENGINE is one of the topmost marketplaces where an advertiser (buyer) can find any niche of guest post websites with their proper metrics details which includes DA of
the website, traffic of the website, global rank, etc.


The purpose of GUESTPOSTENGINE marketplace is to help their audience regarding giving the services of guest post websites from
all-in-one platform.


Let me share you some points to list your guest post websites in GUESTPOSTENGINE marketplace:


  1. Make sure the guest post website which you added in the GUESTPOSTENGINE marketplace has DA 20+ and minimum spam score.

  2. No PBN, Adult, Gambling, and Alcohol guest post websites are added.

  3. Focus on those guest post websites that have relevant blogs to a particular niche.

  4. Prioritize those guest post websites who have a trustworthy status.

I hope these points will guide you about which type of guest post websites you should list to the GUESTPOSTENGINEmarketplace.