How to add Website/Blog as a Publisher?

Accessing GUESTPOSTENGINE is very simple. Follow the steps and enjoy the services of GUESTPOSTENGINE


Step 1: Login with your registered email ID and password.


Step 2: After that, you will land on the advertiser page. For adding websites in GUESTPOSTENGINE you have to go on the publisher page.


Step 3: At R.H.S, click on your name and switch yourself to Publisher.


Step 4: Now, you will land on the Publisher page. Again, click on your name at R.H.S and the menu bar will display.


Step 5: Click to Add Website option and you will land on the add website page.


Step 6: Enter the website URL which you want to add on your website list.


Step 7: Next comes the verify section where you have to tell if you are the owner of a website or not. If you are the owner, mention your email ID (if your domain name is then your email ID should be with your domain name like, otherwise, click on the next step by selecting the option No.


Step 8: Next is the section of content details where you have to tell about who will provide the content. If you are a publisher and wish to provide the content yourself, then you have to mention the word count of the article along with its price rate.


In this section, you have to select at least one checkbox option.


Step 9: In the publishing details section, you have to tell about the type of backlink you will provide. If it will be a Do Follow or No Follow. Also, you will have to mention how many backlinks you'll offer in the content, the word length of the content and how much time will you take to publish the content.


Step 10: After filling all the details about the website and the content, you have to mention the price of your website.


Step 11: At the last step, you will see all the details of your website which you have mentioned. On that step, if you want to edit some details, click on the option (which you wish to edit) under the L.H.S menu and edit it. 


After that click on the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and click on the submit button.


Congratulations!! Your website has been successfully added.